Dược thư quốc gia Vương quốc Anh

Dược thư quốc gia Vương quốc Anh
Dược thư quốc gia Vương quốc Anh
Dược thư quốc gia Vương quốc Anh
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Dược thư quốc gia Vương quốc Anh

Bản full, mầu, chi tiết nhưng ngắn gọn súc tích, phù hợp làm tài liệu tham khảo cho các làm đăng ký nhé.


The BNF is a joint publication of the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It is published under the authority of a Joint Formulary Committee which comprises representatives of the two professional bodies, the UK Health Departments, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, and a national guideline producer. The Dental Advisory Group oversees the preparation of advice on the drug management of dental and oral conditions; the Group includes
representatives of the British Dental Association and a representative from the UK Health Departments. The Nurse Prescribers’ Advisory Group advises on the content relevant to nurses and includes representatives from different parts of the nursing community and from the UK Health Departments.

The BNF aims to provide prescribers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals with sound up-to-date information about the use of medicines. The BNF includes key information on the selection, prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines.
Medicines generally prescribed in the UK are covered and those considered less suitable for prescribing are clearly identified. Little or no information is included on medicines promoted for purchase by the public. Information on drugs is drawn from the manufacturers’ product literature, medical and pharmaceutical literature, UK health departments, regulatory authorities, and professional bodies. Advice is constructed from clinical literature and reflects, as far as possible, an evaluation of the evidence from diverse sources. The BNF also takes account of authoritative national guidelines and emerging safety concerns. In addition, the editorial team receives advice on all therapeutic areas from expert clinicians; this ensures that the BNF’s recommendations are relevant to practice.

The BNF is designed as a digest for rapid reference and it may not always include all the information necessary for prescribing and dispensing. Also, less detail is given on areas
such as obstetrics, malignant disease, and anaesthesia since it is expected that those undertaking treatment will have specialist knowledge and access to specialist literature. BNF for Children should be consulted for detailed information on the use of medicines in children. The BNF should be interpreted in the light of professional knowledge and supplemented as necessary by specialised publications and by reference to the product literature. Information is also available from medicines information services, see Medicines Information Services (see inside front cover). It is important to use the most recent BNF information for making clinical decisions. The print edition of the BNF is updated in March and September each year. Monthly updates are provided online via Medicines Complete and the NHS Evidence portal. The more important changes are listed under Changes; changes listed online are cumulative (from one print edition to the next), and can be printed off each month to show the main changes since the last print edition as an aide memoire for those using print copies. The BNF Publications website (www.bnf.org) includes additional information of relevance to healthcare professionals. Other digital formats of the BNF—including versions for mobile devices and integration into local formularies—are also available.

BNF Publications welcomes comments from healthcare professionals. Comments and constructive criticism should be sent to:
British National Formulary,
Royal Pharmaceutical Society,
66–68 East Smithfield
The contact email for manufacturers or pharmaceutical
companies wishing to contact BNF Publications is


Preface page iii
Acknowledgements v
How BNF publications are constructed ix
How to use BNF Publications in print xii
Changes xix
Guidance on Prescribing 1
Prescription writing 5
Emergency supply of medicines 7
Controlled drugs and drug dependence 8
Adverse reactions to drugs 12
Guidance on intravenous infusions 16
Prescribing for children 18
Prescribing in hepatic impairment 19
Prescribing in renal impairment 19
Prescribing in pregnancy 21
Prescribing in breast-feeding 21
Prescribing in palliative care 22
Prescribing for the elderly 27
Drugs and sport 28
Prescribing in dental practice 29

1 Gastro-intestinal system page 34
2 Cardiovascular system 93
3 Respiratory system 224
4 Nervous system 281
5 Infection 467
6 Endocrine system 610
7 Genito-urinary system 710
8 Malignant disease 763
9 Blood and nutrition 884
10 Musculoskeletal system 959
11 Eye 1015
12 Ear, nose and oropharynx 1050
13 Skin 1074
14 Vaccines 1138
15 Anaesthesia 1173
16 Emergency treatment of poisoning 1204
Appendix 1
Interactions 1217
Appendix 2
Borderline substances 1348
Appendix 3
Cautionary and advisory labels for dispensed medicines 1383
Appendix 4
Wound management products and elasticated garments 1386
Dental Practitioners’ Formulary 1411
Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary 1413
Non-medical prescribing 1416
Index of proprietary manufacturers 1417
Special-order Manufacturers 1422
Index 1424
Medical emergencies in the community inside back cover

Dược thư quốc gia Vương quốc Anh


BNF 73 2017

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